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YES! As a matter of fact I want you to! You will never get a copyright strike on Twitch. I own full rights to the music so you never have to worry about any claims being filed against you! As a content creator myself, I understand how much stress and concern all this DMCA nonsense has caused and I want to be a part of the solution, not the problem!


Answer: YES! I have never signed up for any of YouTube’s demonetization tools. Because of this I will never be the reason for a claim against you. However, unfortunately claims still happen for a few reasons. If YouTube’s tools incorrectly identify one of my songs as another owner’s song (has yet to happen, very unique beats) that does use these tools. Or if some troll wants to act like they own the music and cause problems for everyone else since they have nothing better to do with themselves. YouTube’s system is unfortunately flawed so it is still a small risk.

TL:DR? Yes, but unfortunately there is still a small risk due to YouTube’s flawed system and trolls.

Answer: YES! Please do! This is why I’m doing this! You don’t even need to acknowledge my music in anyway (although it is appreciated if you do ^^)


Answer: The only way you CANNOT use my music is commercially, e.g. in your brick and mortar restaurant as background music. You CANNOT re upload music on any platform and claim it as your own.

Answer: No, mutes are handled through an automated system that is unfortunately not perfect. However, I can proudly say that I have never had a muted VOD on any of my own streams and have played every track on my own content. I have also never received any messages from anyone else saying they’ve had a VOD muted while using my music. Again, this is still not a DMCA CLAIM so you can be at ease if it were to happen.

TL:DR? No.

Answer: You truly do not need this because I promise I will never file a DMCA CLAIM against you for using my music. I WANT YOU TO USE MY MUSIC! (If you enjoy it of course)

However if you are an anxious person like me, I completely understand. This is why I’m providing a ‘sync license’ for you to have on file for your own peace of mind. Just click the “Sync License” link at the top right of the page and you can DL the pdf.

TL:DR? Click the “Sync License” link at the top right to download.